Park Inn by Radisson is part of Tesla’s Destination Charging Network

Tesla’s Destination Charging programme provides convenient charging at premium destinations around the world for Tesla owners as well as for other electric cars. The charging technology can add up to 68 miles / 100 km of range per hour of charge.

Park Inn by Radisson is proud to be a Tesla charging partner and contribute to the pursuit of sustainable mobility.

Explore the map above to discover our hotels equipped with Destination Chargers.
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Unwind while winding up your car
Park Inn by Radisson has teamed up with Tesla to help make it easier for you to save the world by saving energy, one recharge at a time. The collaboration brings Destination Chargers to select Park Inn by Radisson parking lots, offering free recharging to hotel and restaurant guests.
In other words, be our guest and recharge your car free of charge while you put your feet up and relax and recharge yourself. Easy to spot, Destination Chargers will be strategically placed for your convenience. Just park your car at the nearest, available charger and plug it in.

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Park Inn by Radisson is committed to reducing our carbon footprint, thus decreasing the negative impact on our environment.
To help us in this endeavour, we are collaborating with Tesla to give our guests the opportunity to recharge their cars for free when visiting either the hotel or restaurant. Plug in your car and unplug yourself for the night.

Charge for change
Share the care by showing and telling others about the initiatives you take to help the environment. While your electric vehicle might not make much noise, we would love for you to make some on social media!
Inspire others with your actions and help change the world one recharge, and post at a time. Bring us along on your adventure by adding #TeslaCharging and #ParkInn

Terms & Conditions Please note the use of these chargers is under your own responsibility, i.e. to the extent allowed under applicable law, the Hotel does not accept any responsibility for potentially incurred damages and/or costs related thereto (e.g. parking costs). In some cases, chargers are available by reservation only.