Park Inn by Radisson Sárvár Resort & Spa

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The Story of Spa in Sarvar

Sarvar is located in western Hungary in the county of Vas. Until relatively recently this town was quite unknown to tourists. Then, in the early 60s there was a find which changed its future and put Sarvar on the map as a desired destination to visit. In 1961, in the search for oil, something much more valuable to this community was uncovered. In the depths of the earth water was discovered, water that was found to have medicinal purposes. As a result of this revelation, the first spa was built here in 1968 to make use of the healing properties of the newly found water source.

Medicinal Water Sources
There are two main water sources in Sarvar. The first fills the medical pools and is welled from a depth of 1,200 metres. It has a temperature of 43oC. The second source comes from 2,000 metres and has a temperature of 83oC. The water is made up of elements including sodium chloride, hydrogen carbonate, iodine, bromide and fluoride. Each water source is unique and offers different health benefits. The award-winning Sarvar Spa is now honoured as part of the Royal Spas of Europe, the first in Hungary to receive this honour. This recognition, as well as receiving various prizes, has allowed further investment to be made and today the family spa has expanded to receive over 700,000 visitors a year (2011).

Expansion of Sarvar
This find did not only encourage spa tourism, but has over the years contributed to the significant development and new infrastructure to the area in order to cope with the increasing number of visitors. It wasn’t until the 80s that the largest changes took place. There was an addition of new spa hotels such as the Park Inn by Radisson Sarvar Resort & Spa. Expansions to existing spa facilities were also constructed, such as a fun pools, ideal for families. Other cultural attractions, such as Nadasdy Castle, have also benefited from this and have been refurbished and protected, in order to preserve them for future generations and visitors.

It was the discovery of mineral waters that led to Sarvar being put on the international map, but this is not the only reason to visit. You can spend hours at the Spa and water park unwinding and soaking up the healing waters. However, if you would also like to absorb some local culture explore the town further and visit Nadasdy Castle or the Arboretum.