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Smart Food

We present you the Park Inn by Radisson Smart Food Concept
Be it a coffee break, a business lunch, or a classical buffet service, our smart food menus offer an excellent range of choice. The dishes made of fresh, local ingredients which help a balanced nutrition and have high nutritive value not only come from reliable sources, but also taste well. The stylishly served and easy-to-digest dishes contribute to the meeting, or the conference being just as vivid and energetic as the world of Park Inn by Radisson.

The most important values of Smart Food are: 

  • seasonality, local origin and excellent taste 
  • balanced, proper nutritive value 
  • matching trends of the time 
  • ethicality 
  • stylish presentation, easy digestibility 

We preserve the possibility of changing our offer from time to time, because we would like to present you always the best and most fresh dishes in every season. We believe that anything which is fresher is also tastier.

When purchasing, we strive to obtain ingredients from local suppliers, bio-farms and manufacturers and in many cases we are successful (e.g. meat, dairy products, spices and herbs, jams etc.) 

Our chef and the kitchen team guarantee that our dishes are always tasty and smell great. 

When preparing our dishes we use the possibly healthiest ingredients, for example low-fat additives and dairy products with reduced or not fat-content. 

We use plenty of fruits and vegetables. 

The style and service are also important: our portions have the right size, they are served in a stylish way, as we always want to serve and present dishes in a non-traditional and special way. 

We can adjust our menu offer to your individual wishes and demands. 

Responsible business also played a crucial role in establishing our food and drink concept. We always purchase from ethical, known and reliable sources, we aim to minimise packaging materials and recycling as much as possible after the use and collect waste separately. 

Coffee breaks 

Each coffee break offer includes: 

  • a selection of tea & coffee 
  • aromatised water 
  • healthy food with rich nutritive values and proper ingredients 
Our coffee breaks also include gluten-, lactose- and sugar-free elements.

Program possibilities in the hotel:

The Medical and Wellness Spa Sárvár is at your avail until 10:00 p.m. You can spend a pleasant evening in our hotel, the Graffiti Bar, or the parlour.

The Graffiti Bar offers the following services:

  • Darts 200,- HUF/game
  • Table soccer 200,- HUF/game
  • Billiard 600,- HUF/game
  • Air-hockey 600,- HUF/game
  • Basketball-simulator 200,- HUF/game
  • Wii 1500,- HUF/hour
  • Playstation 1500,- HUF/hour
The Sárvár Medical and Wellness Spa also has bowling alleys.

Possibilities outside the hotel​:

  • The adventure of Robin Hood
  • Test your quickness and bravery! A game-series at several locations, set up as a revolving stage
  • GPS – geo-catching game
  • Treasure-hunters’ night
  • Adventure tour at night in the era of culture in Sárvár. The rich culture and the history of the town provides the opportunity for a little brain teaser
  • Paintball
  • A true strategic training. After the protective gear and the weapons are checked, the thrilling game can begin
  • Tradition-keeping afternoon/day: archery, swordfight, cannonade, Medieval costumes and dishes, contemporary music
  • Excursions, tours: Vienna, the Őrség-region, Kőszeg, Sopron
  • Obstacle courses, sports competitions