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The Iconic Nadasdy Castle

Nadasdy Castle stands proudly in the heart of Sarvar and has played a vital role in the history of the town. It is from here that the town gets its name: ‘var’ meaning ‘castle’. The town is centred around the grounds of this iconic moat, which can only be reached by crossing a low bridge. Parts of the castle are thought to date as far back as the 13th century, although for the most part it was built in the 16th century Renaissance period. After recent renovations it remains in good condition. The castle is named after the Nadasdy family, who played a large role in shaping Hungarian culture. Since then it has been home to many families who have played a significant part in Sarvar’s history.

Ornate Baroque Interior
When you enter the castle it is like stepping back in time. Let your imagination wander and envision how it would have been to live here in the 16th century. One of the most magnificent internal features is the Knight’s Hall, also known as the Banqueting Hall. Look up at the ceiling here and you will find ornate cornices and monumental fresco-secco paintings (painted murals) commemorating the Turkish-Hungarian wars, painted by an Austrian painter from Vienna, Hans Rudolf Miller. This compliments the baroque interior design.

Ferenc Nadasdy Museum
Ferenc Nadasdy (1555-1604) was a Hungarian Nobleman. The museum celebrates his life and that of his family, as well as the history of the castle. One of the most interesting collections is the weapons and armour found in the Husar Exhibition. It is thought to be one of Hungary’s most extensive and impressive collections. There is also an incredible cartography collection of 60 antique Hungarian maps, one of which is a 1520 map of Europe. The castles grand rooms such as the Entrance Hall and the Knight’s Hall also form part of the museum visit.

The castle is a venue for many events taking place throughout the year including the Nadasdy Historical Festival and the International Folklore Festival. A highlight in itself is to just stroll by in the evenings. Once darkness falls the castle is magnificently illuminated and the pentagonal moat can be seen across the town. Nadasdy Castle and Museum is located within a 10 minute walk from Park Inn by Radisson Sarvar Resort & Spa. The central location of this spa hotel makes it easy to explore the iconic attractions of this town.