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Sarvar Arboretum

The Arboretum in Sarvar is one of the oldest on documented on record. In the middle of the 16th century during Hungarian Renaissance the park was originally founded as a fruit and vegetable garden, belonging to Tamas Nadasdy. Herbaceous plants and shrubs were planted by Ferenc Nadasdy and the gardens were flourishing. That is until 1671 when he met his timely fate and was beheaded for his participation in the Wesselenyi’s Conspiracy. Since then the gardens, like the nearby Nadasdy Castle, have had several owners.

Ancient Hardwood Forest
An arboretum is a place where trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants are cultivated. This is usually for the purpose of educational or scientific reasons. At Sarvar Arboretum today, over 200 tree and shrub species can be seen. The gardens are divided into two. You can explore the hardwood forest which is situated in the middle of the city. Here you will find 400 year old oak and ash trees, as well as younger elms. You will feel very small as you stand by the trunks of these ancient trees and look up towards the canopy. It is a place where you can imagine how Sarvar looked before urbanisation occurred. The forest floor is also decorated with many other tree and shrub species and there is also an idyllic pond.

Tranquil Botanical Garden
The second half of the gardens present more traditionally landscaped botanical gardens that date back 200 years. Here you can uncover vibrant, colourful rhododendron and azaleas, amongst some of the wide range of flower species, blended together with sycamore, trees, yews, Japanese pagoda trees and magnolias. There is also a farm yard and greenhouse which are open seasonally.

Enjoy a stroll around this tranquil nature reserve in the heart of Sarvar, located to the east of Nadasdy Castle. After you have finished sightseeing, you can happily return to the Park Inn by Radisson Sarvar Resort & Spa and take full advantage of the relaxing pools and spa facilities on offer.