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Riga Central Market

Riga Central Market offers hemp seed butter, pork snouts, belash, the Latvian drink kvass and other interesting food. This is a place where you can haggle with the vendors, enjoy a unique shopping experience and the architecture. You can see from afar how architecturally complementary the Railway Bridge and the vaults of the Central Market hangars or 'pavilions are'. Meanwhile, the market area and the pavilions feature the liveliness of buying and selling.

Riga Central Market was opened in autumn 1930, and at that time it was the biggest and most modern marketplace in the world. Today the area is remarkable for its special atmosphere and trading process. "Please try it!" vendors give you some cheese. "For me a half of that piece, please. I'm the only person in my family who eats this, but I like it very much," says a customer. The market pavilions are the right place to find fresh and ecological food from local producers. Please pay attention to the architecture as they were converted from Zeppelin hangars. "Buy fluffy pastries here" — a notice says, and you have to try them! Those who haven't come here for shopping, could be interested in the red brick warehouses, once designed by famous European and Russian architects. One more interesting thing about the Central Market is its cellars.

Although Riga Central Market is a crowded place, it is well worth visiting at least once. Riga citizens visit the market often and with pleasure, holding it in great affection and calling it the city's "belly" or "stomach". The market is also a historically unique part of Riga. On 2 Nov 1930, when the Central Market first opened, it was the biggest and most modern in the world.

Riga City Council took the decision in 1922 to build a central food market in the city. The government bought zeppelin hangers left over from the German Kaiser's World War I Armed Forces. Building work went underway in 1924. Underneath the pavilions, concrete cellars were constructed — a two hectare underground city with 337 meters of passageways. In 1938, 27 cold-storage rooms could hold up to 310,000 kg of goods. Three underground tunnels led to access ways on the canal bank. Overground, goods were lifted to street level using freight elevators.

As in every other such trading location, in Riga Central Market, just like in the narrow streets of Milan, visitors should keep a close eye on their personal valuables.

Distance from Residence: 1,1km

Opening Hours:
Open air market territory
07: 00–18: 00 (Tue - Sat)
07:00–17:00 (Sun - Mon)

07:00–19:00 (Tue - Sat)
07:00–17:00 (Sun - Mon)

Cleaning day — last Monday of each month till 15:00