Terms & Conditions

Park Inn by Radisson and Radisson Blu Top Attraction Contest

1. Organization

The Rezidor Hotel Group S.A., a Belgian company with registered address at Avenue du Bourget 44, 1130 Brussels, Belgium ("Rezidor"), organizes this online contest called “Top Attraction Contest”, which is not subject to any financial commitment or obligation of purchase (hereinafter "Contest"). The Contest is operated on Rezidor´s behalf by its appointed agent LBi Bigmouthmedia, a Norwegian company with registered address at Thomas Angellsgt 8, 7011 Trondheim, Norway (”Promoter”). The following terms and conditions set out the requirements for participation in the Contest ("Terms & Conditions"). Upon participation in the Contest these Terms & Conditions apply, any Participant is therefore advised and encouraged to carefully read and understand these Terms & Conditions before entering the Contest.

The Contest is accessible solely online via Rezidor’s brand websites of Radisson Blu hotels www.radissonblu.com and of Park Inn hotels www.parkinn.com (the “Website(s)”). The Contest’s principle is that those branded hotels which take part in the Contest (“Hotel(s)”) will feature information about local attractions on a dedicated page of the Website of the Hotel’s brand, on which page Participants shall rate their favourite attraction. The best scoring attraction of a Hotel will be the basis for selecting the prize winning Participant as further described below.

2. Participation

Participation in this Contest is open to anyone who has a valid e-mail address, is 18 years of age or older and wishes to take part in the Contest to win one or more prizes in accordance with these Terms and Conditions (“Participant”). By taking part in the Contest the Participant confirms to fulfil the participation requirements and to use only one valid e-mail address throughout the Contest Period. This Contest is not open to employees of Rezidor, of any Hotel or of Promoter. Participation in the Contest is free and without any purchasing obligation for the Participant. In case of duplicate results in the scoring lists related to any Hotel’s attractions, Rezidor may disqualify the Participant who has used his/her e-mail address more than one time to vote for the Hotel’s favourite attraction. Rezidor may also disqualify a Participant who uses more than one e-mail address to vote for the Hotel’s favourite attraction.

3. Terms and Principle

3.1 The Contest is open from 01-04-2013  through 01-10-2013 (“Contest Period”). Every four (4) weeks a new set of Hotels, comprising two (2) or more Radisson Blu and two (2) or more Park Inn Hotels will be on the Contest.

While on the Contest, the Hotels will show four (4) attractions on their pages linked to the Websites and ask the Participant to choose his/her preferred attraction of the Hotel. The Participant shall submit his/her vote for the attraction most appealing to him/her. The Participant is required to provide his/her e-mail address, when voting for the Hotel’s most liked attraction or location. Each Participant may vote once per each Hotel. Each Participant may however only win one (1) prize per month.

Rezidor may decide to request that Participants lay down the motivation for their vote, providing a text field for that purpose, if so required under the jurisdiction where a Hotel is located. The Participant’s answer shall not include any unethical, racist, unlawful, threatening, libellous, defamatory statement. The Participant’s statement will not be made public nor used in any other activity whatsoever.

3.2 The Participants may vote only once per Hotel and shall not change their e-mail address over the full Contest Period. Every four (4) weeks, when a new set of Hotels is on the Contest, Participants will be able to vote again. The Participants shall have made their vote no later than by midnight of the last day of the four (4) weeks’ period during which the Hotel is on Contest.

3.3 For each of the Hotels best voted attraction one (1) winner will be randomly chosen out of all qualifying Participants’ votes for the Hotel’s attraction that has achieved the highest number of votes. Should any two (2) or more attractions of a Hotel score equal, then one (1) will be chosen randomly out of all qualifying Participant’s votes for the Hotel’s attractions which have scored at equal number of votes.

3.4 The Participants may share their vote in the Contest in social media, such as “like” or “share” on Facebook, a "+" on Google Plus or “follow” on Twitter using the technology made available by the respective social medium.

3.5 The Hotels and the period when they will be on the Contest will be published on the Websites, i.e. on:
http://www.radissonblu.com/shortbreaks/top-attraction-contest and

3.6 Rezidor may change, annul, terminate, suspend or extend the Contest after any full period of four (4) weeks after the start of the Contest Period without incurring liability, subject however to selection of winners for any started or full period of four (4) weeks of the Contest.

4. Prizes

4.1 At the end of each four (4) weeks’ period one (1) prize will be drawn per Hotel on the Contest during such period. The prize consists of a Rezidor Gift Card at value of one hundred and fifty euro (150 EUR) for all Hotels. The Rezidor Gift Card is subject to terms and conditions as set out under http://www.parkinn.com/giftcard/terms-conditions. It can be used in over two hundred and fifty (250) hotels in 34 countries to pay towards accommodation, dining, spa treatments and much more, at Radisson Blu, Park Inn by Radisson or Missoni hotels. The Rezidor Gift Card is valid for two (2) years and has no cash equivalent.

5. Selection of Winners

5.1 Each Participant who has voted for the most popular attraction or location of a Hotel qualifies for the selection of winners. The winner(s) for each Hotel will be selected monthly by an impartial jury created by the Promoter, within three (3) days after the end of the four (4) weeks’ period of the Contest Period during which the respective Hotel has been on the Contest.

Decisions of the jury are final and are not subject to appeal. If the Promotor discovers that for any reason any Participant, including a winner, was ineligible to participate in the Contest, the Promoter may disqualify such Participant.

5.2 Rezidor will contact the winners via e-mail during the week following the prize draw. If a winner has not replied, and not accepted the prize within seven (7) days after Rezidor’s notification, Rezidor will contact the winner again via e-mail. If a winner is not able or willing, irrespective of the reason, to receive the prize, Rezidor reserves the right to grant the prize to another Participant drawn randomly by the impartial jury among all those Participants who have qualified for the winner’s selection related to the Hotel. The names of the winners of prizes will be published on the Website(s) and at Rezidor’s choice at the Hotel’s page on the Website.

5.3 Rezidor reserves the right to postpone the time for announcement and notification of the winner(s), subject to further information being posted on the Website(s).

5.4 Rezidor will deliver the prize either at the winner’s domicile address or, if feasible, as a Rezidor Gift Card certificate per e-mail.

6. Monitoring and Disqualification

6.1 Participants not being not in compliance with these Terms & Conditions irrespective of the reason, may be disqualified at Rezidor’s discretion. Rezidor further reserves the right to disqualify any Participant, who alone or together with others in any manner interrupts or otherwise illegally alters or tries to affect the Contest, including tampering with votes.

6.2 The Websites will be subject to monitoring by Rezidor and any content which is found to be in violation of these Terms & Conditions will be removed at Rezidor’s discretion. If content in violation of these Terms & Conditions is found, the Participant in question may be disqualified at Rezidor’s discretion.

6.3 Rezidor assumes no liability in connection with any disqualification or removal of content from the Website.

7. Data Privacy & Communication

7.1 The Participant consents that any personal data required for participation in the Contest may be stored, processed and used by Rezidor and Promoter for the purposes of the Contest. Promoter and Rezidor will use these data in accordance with the Rezidor privacy policy as published at www.radissonblu.com.

7.2 The Participant is at any time entitled to:
  • request information on the personal data on the Participant being processed by Rezidor,
  • ask for blocking or deletion of the personal data being processed by Rezidor and to receive information on the identity of the recipients of the personal data,
  • request information on any other important matters relating to the processing of the Participant’s personal data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation,
  • withdraw his/her consent to the processing and disclosure of personal data, either in whole regarding specific personal data or purposes, although doing so will imply the Participant’s disqualification in the Contest.

All personal data collected in connection with the Contest will be processed in accordance with data protection legislation in Belgium.

7.3 By entering this Contest and accepting these Terms & Conditions, the Participant consents to communicating with Rezidor and Promoter in English.

8. Liability

Rezidor assume no liability in connection with missing entries, technical problems or lack of connection or overload of the Internet, the Website, or any loss, liability or any direct or indirect damage incurred due to technical problems or consequences of any virus, data bug or abnormity.

All Participants are solely responsible for their participation in the Contest. Participation in the Contest implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the technologies used by the Internet and associated systems, notably with regards to social media (in particular Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus) and the technical performance, response times, examination or transferring of information, risks of interruption, any general inherent risks of connection and transmission, the absence of protection for certain data against possible misappropriation, and the risk of contamination by viruses possibly circulating within the network.

Rezidor is not liable in any way for the utilization of the prize, including in connection with transportation and theft.

9. Applicable law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with Belgian law and the courts of Brussels, shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of any dispute.

10. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

The fact of taking part in this Contest implies a pure and simple acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.