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The New Yaroslavl Planetarium

Said to be the country’s best planetarium, the Yaroslavl Planetarium stands as a unique piece of architecture in the middle of the city. Built in 2011, which was declared the Year of Cosmonautics in Russia, this building truly is unprecedented when it comes to the nation’s cultural and educational centres.

In a city renowned for a thousand years of history, the planetarium is almost like something out of this world compared to the other buildings in Yaroslavl. In emerald green glass, a huge cupola rises from the ground. However, the most stunning and evocative sight is when it is dark outside. The lower parts of the building are illuminated in red, whilst the dome itself is lit by multi-coloured LED lights, giving an illusion of a sphere floating through space.

Valentina Tereshkova
The official name of Yaroslavl’s planetarium is the Valentina Tereshkova Cultural and Educational Center. It is named after the first female cosmonaut who was originally from the region. Tereshkova’s space flight is presumably one of the most significant landmarks in Yaroslavl’s history, and she is locally known as “The Volga Seagul”, or just “Chaika”. Naturally, several of the objects on display in the centre can be associated with her accomplishments. In one of the exhibitions, ’Across the Countries and Continents‘, you can see some of the presents Tereshkova received from people all around the world and later donated to the centre.

The most magnificent tribute to Valentina Tereshkova is the large mosaic artwork found in the lobby, which is a picture of her in space created in colourful glass.

The Valentina Tereshkova Cultural and Educational Center.
The centre itself comprises of a whole complex of buildings, each giving insights to the extra-terrestrial world of cosmonautics. Dive into the history of development space travel and space stations, ranging from Yuri Gagarin’s first flight, to the sophisticated technology of today’s space travels. The pride of the centre is the Star Hall where an inner cupola, 12m in diameter, enables you to see the starry sky.

The Valentina Tereshkova Cultural and Educational Center in Yaroslavl is yet another architectural marvel that can be added to the city’s list of visitor attractions. Ranging from the historical buildings of the UNESCO Heritage Site, to the renowned and bright yellow Volkov Theatre, this new addition shows that Yaroslavl is constantly evolving. Explore both the new and the old history of the city with a room at the central Park Inn by Radisson Yaroslavl Hotel.