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Historical Centre of the City of Yaroslavl

Where the rivers Volga and Kotorosl meet, you will find the historical city centre of Yaroslavl. In 2005, it was inscribed onto the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and not without reason. Yaroslavl’s many churches from the 17th century have made the city well-known, and in addition to this it is an outstanding example of the urban reform that Catherine the Great ordered across the whole of Russia in 1763.

The Urban Reform
Starting out as nothing more than a small wooden fortress, Yaroslavl developed into a major commercial centre from the 11th century. After several fires, the town was gradually rebuilt in stone, starting in the 16th century with the order of reformation from Catherine the Great. Whilst some of the streets and structures were retained, Yaroslavl’s layout today is mainly a result of this renewal process.

There was one main piece of criteria from UNESCO that justified the historic town of Yaroslavl’s inclusion as a World Heritage Site. That was the outstanding example of how cultural and architectural influences has interchanged between Western Europe and the Russian Empire. The historical city centre, the Slobody, is roughly shaped as a half moon, with streets radiating from it. Its streetscape is harmonious and uniform, with a strong neoclassical style to it, and it has a unique blend of buildings from the 16th and 17th century.

Experience Yaroslavl’s History
The Park Inn by Radisson Yaroslavl Hotel is located just a short 4km from the city’s historical centre. Even though it has been through a lot with both the Russian Civil War and World War II air-raids, a great deal of its urban substance has been retained, making it well worth a visit. Here you also find the picturesque Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral and Monastery – probably the city’s most well-known building.