Park Inn by Radisson Stockholm Hammarby Sjöstad

Midskeppsgatan 6 Hammarby Sjöstad 120 66 Stockholm Sweden +46 (8) 5050 7000

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Green Key Label

Green Key eco-label - environmental management
Having received the Green Key eco-label, our hotel continues to play an active role in protecting the planet with a strong environmental policy.

The hotel and its staff have implemented and continue to practise guidelines for staff training, conservation of water and energy, and disposal of wastes and chemical products. With the help of our employees, the policy is implemented to build awareness in our suppliers and customers about sustainable conservation. In addition to closely monitoring energy consumption, the hotel has installed waste-sorting and water-saving equipment. Staff also use environmentally friendly cleaning products. The hotel is committed to respecting nature and contributing to environmental education.

When guests choose a hotel awarded with the Green Key eco-label, they are guaranteed a stay in a respected and preserved environment where they too are encouraged to participate in green practices.