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Discover a nation the National History Museum

When visiting a new country it is often a good idea to go straight to the National History Museum to get a thorough overview of a nation and its past. The National History Museum in Sofia is definitely worth a visit. Here you will learn how the nation was shaped from Palaeolithic times, through the Bronze and Iron Age, Roman times, the middle ages and right up to the present date. Looking into recent history, you will find information from Bulgaria’s communist past and how it made the transition into becoming an EU member. Whichever time period you find interesting, it is represented here through over 650,000 artefacts including jewellery, tools, ceramics, weapons, paintings, documents and much more.

A tale of a nation

A number of fascinating exhibitions are presented throughout the year, each one representing an important part of Bulgarian history. Permanent exhibitions include coin collections, Antarctica: the Bulgarian Frozen Fairytale, Traditional Female Folk Costumes and others displaying Bulgaria through various ages. There are also a number of temporary exhibitions that cover a range of topical themes. These vary but no matter when you visit, there will always be something interesting to capture your imagination. The museum is well laid out and many displays are in English making it easy to make your way around. Before you leave, make sure you stop by three gift shops so you can pick up books and publications, replica artefacts and toys as a reminder of your visit.

This centre of history is not located in the heart of the city but it is worth the extra trip if you are interested in the past. It is less than 10km from both the city centre and the Park Inn by Radisson Sofia and can easily be reached by public transport.