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Dendrary Botanical Gardens

Described as Russia’s largest resort destination, Sochi is a diverse location. The city, and surrounding region, is the perfect base for beach holidays, and incredibly also for skiing and hiking trips. In order to get the best perspective of the city, visit Dendrary Botanical Gardens. This is a sub-tropical haven amidst city life. At the gardens, take the cable car ride to the top of the park. Ascending the mountainside over the park’s forest provides great views, but the best are saved for the top. Here you can absorb panoramic views of Sochi, its coastline, the Black Sea and the Caucasus mountain range.

Once you have taken in the breath-taking views, it is time to start the walk down. This involves a lot of steps so make sure you have good walking shoes. The park is divided into two sections, known as ‘dendrariums’, the Greek word meaning a ‘collection of trees’. The Upper dendrarium is landscaped to an Italian classical style full of fountains and ornate sculptures dotted around, and terraces. In contrast, the lower dendrarium has ponds with swans, ducks, fowl and pelicans. Around the park you will also find ostriches and flamingos amongst other birds and wildlife.

Museum of Nature
The park was originally founded in the 1890’s by Sergei Khudekov, and it is lucky that this once private collection of flora has been opened for the public. Within the parks boundaries there are over 2000, exotic and rare plants, trees, shrubs and vegetation. Locals have named this park the ‘Museum of Nature’ as its diversity is so rich that plant species from most of the world’s continents are represented here.

Dendrary Botanical Gardens park is located just a short distance from the Park Inn by Radisson Sochi City Centre. If you prefer a more action-filled experience, then visit Riviera Park which has plenty of amusements and rides to keep you occupied, also located in the heart of Sochi.