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Satyagraha House

Nestled in the residential Johannesburg neighborhood of Orchards, the Satyagraha House is an intriguing place to visit from both an architectural and historic perspective. Formerly the home of Mahatma Gandhi, the property has been repurposed into a museum. Here, you can observe a number of inspirational objects and works that once belonged to the leader of the movement against the British rule of India.

Cultural sites such as Satyagraha House provide a meaningful picture of the country’s heritage.

Find inspiration and delve into history

Satyagraha House holds a number of photos, letters and journals that belonged to the famous Indian political leader. Additionally, the property itself has become a symbol of Gandhi’s personal achievements. Gandhi, who spent 21 years in South Africa, is said to have developed his philosophy of peaceful resistance in the home. The name of the house translates to: Insistence of truth.

Built in 1907 by German architect Hermann Kallenbach, a close friend of Gandhi’s, the Satyagraha House is designed in the style of a traditional African farmhouse. The property’s rooms, which have been extensively renovated by a team of historians, architects, curators and interior designers emit a calming and peaceful atmosphere. The soothing atmosphere of the complex lends itself to tranquil meditation and visitors can even arrange to have yoga session in the home’s gardens.

Get cultural in Sandton

Heritage and cultural sites such as Satyagraha House and the Kim Sacks Gallery are best accessed using the city’s high-speed Gautrain rail network. Located just a short walk from the Gautrain, the Park Inn Hotel in Sandton, one of the best business hotels in the district, provides both comfort and convenience.