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The place of the Nuremberg Trials

After WW2, justice was sought against high-ranking Nazi officials in Nuremberg. According to the laws of Germany and its after-war allies, the 13 trials began, starting with the Trial of Major War Criminals. These proceedings were especially important for modern day law, as they called for the definition of War Crimes and led to the eventual set up of the International Criminal Court.

Obligation to the Past

Nuremberg played an important role for the National Socialists in Germany, as it was the location for their headquarters and staging ground for Nazi party rallies. Today, the different Nazi associated buildings and locations are set up for visitors to learn as an Obligation to the Past. The Obligation to the Past educates locals and visitors to the city about the story of Nuremberg during the Third Reich.

The former rally grounds, which were built to hold over 50,000 National Socialists, have been transformed into The Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds. Take a journey through the history of party rallies and propaganda with a visit to the ‘Fascination and Terror’ exhibition. It spans over 1300m² and is broken down into nineteen displays set out in chronological order.

After a trip to Obligation to the Past, explore the unfinished Congress Centre and Grosse Strasse, the parade road that stretches over 2km. Walk across Zeppelin Field, the actual site of the rally ground. It is now used for big events in Nuremberg, such as Rock in Park. Finally, step into Courtroom 600, where many have been brought to justice over war crimes.

A tour through history

If you would like to learn more about the Nazis’ presence in Nuremberg then it is always useful to go with a guide on a tour. The tourist office hosts a Bus-Video-Tour, which will take you to the different locations while showing you short films and the old propaganda material in between stops.

Nuremberg’s past will never be forgotten, but the city has reshaped its image and has been transformed into the ‘City of Peace and Human Rights’. Walk the Way of Human Rights to experience the transformation. This walkway forms an arch consisting of pillars, each individually inscribed, a constant reminder of the city’s obligation to the past.

Once you have discovered a piece of the city’s past, ponder your day with a drink at the bar and a night in a comfortable room at Park Inn by Radisson Nuremberg.