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Nuremberg Christmas Market

German Christmas Markets are adored throughout the world, so much so, that they are now found in many locations outside Germany. But nothing brings a more romantic, Christmas image to mind than a visit to an authentic market in a charming Bavarian city.

The Nuremberg Christmas Market is thought to be one of Germany’s oldest, with documented mentions as far back as 1628. The market is officially opened on the Friday before advent each year. Around 180 illuminated wooden huts light up Hauptmarkt Square in the city’s Old Town. The market has adopted the local name ‘Little Town from Wood and Cloth’, due to the red and white cloths on each stall. The market is a huge meeting place for locals, and visitors cannot resist a chance to get into the yuletide spirit.

Lebkuchen and Glühwein
In the medieval Old Town, time passes slowly as you soak up the charming medieval atmosphere and sample many local delicacies and Christmas treats. One of the many delicacies is the famous Nuremberg Lebkuchen, a gingerbread that has been made in the local area for over 600 years. This wonderful recipe is a well-kept local secret. It comes in many flavours, and can be coated in sugar, chocolate or almonds. It is said that the sweetness of the local honey is what makes this tasty treat irresistible. Over 70 million gingerbread treats are produced globally each year.It is almost customary to have a cup of hot mulled wine while strolling around the market,. Known locally as glühwein, this famous German beverage is made with spices, cloves, cinnamon and wine, which warms the heart and hands

Cosy Christmas Accommodation
You will find the Park Inn by Radisson Nuremberg within walking distance of Haupmarkt Square and other Christmas celebrations in the city. Take a stroll through the city centre to see the Christmas illuminations and decorations, and if travelling with children, they can enjoy the Children’s Christmas Festival.