Park Inn by Radisson Muscat

P.O. Box 1635 Al Khuwair Sultan Qaboos Street P.C. 133 Muscat Sultanate of Oman +968 (2) 4507888

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Oman Desert

The Oman desert begins not far from downtown Muscat at the Bashwar Sands. Visitors can enjoy a trip to these golden hills to admire the fiery glow of the setting sun as it leaves Muscat for another day. Visitors keen to experience driving on these majestic dunes can hire 4x4s and SUVs for a fun way to glide to the top of the dunes. Sand bikes are another popular choice for local visitors having fun playing on the sand-dunes.

For a holiday that encompasses the best Oman has to offer reserve a room at the Park Inn by Radisson Muscat hotel. This hotel stands out amongst other Muscat hotels with its rooftop pool and Sama Terrazza lounge complemented by stunning vistas over the sea and mountains.

Bedouins in the Oman Desert
For a taste of the traditional Bedouin way of life visitors can venture into the Oman desert to the A'Sharqiyah Sands. Considered by many to be amongst the most beautiful areas for sleeping under the stars in the whole of Oman, this area is a must for camping enthusiasts. Campers venturing into the Oman Desert can experience a taste of Bedouin life while remaining near to services and support.

The Wilayat Badiya oasis sits at the entrance to the A'Sharqiyah Sands and is the gateway to many other oases in the area each with their own character. For example Al Raka Oasis is surrounded by soaring dunes on three sides and Al Hawiya oasis sits within a circle of vibrant green palm trees and steep sandy slopes – perfect for sand skiing.

Activities in Muscat
After a day out on the sand-dunes in the desert visitors can indulge their love of golf in Oman with world class facilities right in the heart of Muscat.