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Uppåkra, just outside Lund is Scandinavia's largest, most inventive and longest-lasting iron age residency, populated for more than a thousand years, from the 100th BC. until the 9th century AD The fact is that there has been a city in Uppåkra, long before any other city was founded. The place has been a central place for trade, power and religion. Over 28,000 finds have been handled in Uppåkra, although only 0.1% of the area has been investigated. Lund University has since 1996 carried out archaeological excavations in Uppåkra. It is said that Uppåkra is the largest find in the north in modern times, which can give us new knowledge of the world of our past which we know least about. Oppåkra is unique from the finds, not least the cult building, the temple that has been repaired and rebuilt after hundreds of years. About this one has found gold, precious metal, glass craft items, three times with weapons, leftovers of power and victims that caused people to lose their chin.

Uppåkra Archaeological Center

The guided tours are the essence of the Uppåkra Archaeological Center's visiting activities. These are held by archaeologists and science teachers who, with their meticulous narrative and expert enthusiasm, offer visitors the opportunity to travel back in time and rediscover the magnificent Uppåkra - the Nordic region's largest iron age residency.

The underground is the name of Uppåkra Arkeologiska Centers exhibition, which opened in May 2018. In this exhibition, the visitor is descended into a recreated excavation chapel - far down in Uppåkras deep cultural heritage. Down in the underground, the visitor is at the excavation of Kulthuset, where you get in a movie experience taking part in four exciting events that left the impression in Uppåkras history. Join a trip in time and space.

The Park Inn by Radisson Lund now offers a package which includes entrance to the Uppåkra Archaeological Center and a 10% discount on accommodation. For bookings call: 046-2703700 or email to and enter the code "Uppåkra".