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Auschwitz Birkenau Museum

Auschwitz Birkenau Museum
An embodiment of terror, Auschwitz symbolizes the Holocaust and genocide of World War II. It is a place that must be visited for one to truly understand its impact. Built by the Germans in Oswiecim in 1940, it was created to accommodate the increasing mass arrests of Polish people, which had become too great for existing prisons. Eventually, Auschwitz became a concentration camp in the style the Nazis had been building since the early 1930s.

The majority of the Auschwitz Birkenau Museum is housed in the former main camp, which was the first of multiple camps at the site. The barracks camp now consists of an exhibition of the life and death of prisoners, complete with a documentation center and a large archive. During the 4 1/2 years the camp existed, a total of 1.1 million people died at Auschwitz; 1 million of those were Jewish men, women and children.

Park Inn by Radisson Krakow offers proximity to Auschwitz Birkenau Museum   
For convenient accommodation within access of the Auschwitz Birkenau Museum, stay at the Park Inn by Radisson Krakow. The hotel is approximately 65 kilometers from the museum.

You can organize a trip to Auschwitz-Bierknau from Krakow with help from one of our local tourism companies as well as on your own using a private bus or train (departs from main station every 20 minutes). For information about opening hours, ticket prices and details, please visit the museum website.