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The Church of Ascension

Founded in 1792, the Church of Ascension currently stands as the oldest church in Ekaterinburg, having been one of the few to escape Soviet destruction. It stands proudly, overlooking the city from Vozensenskaya Hill, also known as Ascension Hill, and serves as the home to the local bishopric. This is one attraction that should be on your sightseeing itinerary.

Bold baroque design

This place of worship is dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin and the Ascension of Christ. It is an astounding two-storey structure, which was built over the course of a century. Its fantastic baroque design, vibrant blue exterior and shining golden domes make it recognisable from quite a distance. It shares the skyline with the golden-topped Church on the Blood, another important icon of local and Russian History. This church sits on the southern side of Rastorguev-Kharitonov Park and faces onto its lush green landscape. It is worth taking time out from sightseeing to relax, stroll the park’s trails and take in the ponds and trees that decorate it.

A little history

The structure’s distinctive features may have saved the Church of Ascension from Soviet demolition. Dozens of other churches in Ekaterinburg met their demise during the Bolshevik revolution. Instead of destroying it, the Soviets simply converted it into a school. During World War II, the role of the church changed once again and it became a safe haven that housed the collection of masterpieces evacuated from the Hermitage Museum. They stayed in Ekaterinburg until 1944. Later, The Church of Ascension became the History Department of the Museum of Local Lore.

The Park Inn by Radisson Ekaterinburg Hotel is ideally located in the heart of the city, nearby to many of the city’s important historical and religious monuments, making it the perfect place to discover the local sights and attractions.