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The Revolution Square of 1905

Originally known as the Cathedral Square of Ekaterinburg, 1905 Square took on its new name under the Bolsheviks to commemorate a quashed revolution that took place in the area. The Square of 1905 memorialises those citizens who gave their lives to change the history of Russia’s Government.

The city’s focal point

The Square of 1905 began its existence far before that year. The centrepiece, the Exaltation of God Cathedral, was actually built back in the 18th century. At the time, the church's bell tower, rising to a height of 88 metres, was the highest point in the city. This was, and still is a prominent feature on the Ekaterinburg's colourful skyline. The square is also the site of the Lenin statue.

A turbulent past

The square's history took a turn for the worse in 1905, when civilians took to the streets demanding changes to be made across the country. Many of the dissidents died in the struggle here. However, their protests we not in vain as many of the reforms they supported lived on. When the 1917 Russian Revolution resulted in a complete overhaul of the country, leaders renamed the square in memory of the tragedy that occurred twelve years earlier.

A modern meeting place

Revolution Square of 1905 has been refurbished brick-by-brick and continues to be a major focal point in Ekaterinburg. Today it is a popular meeting place, and throughout the year many events take place here. The highlight is during the winter when the square is transformed in to the Ice Town, decorated with ice sculptures, Christmas trees and traditional winter markets.

The Park Inn by Radisson Ekaterinburg Hotel offers central accommodation and is the ideal base for exploring 1905 Square and the city’s other monuments and attractions.