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Tallinn Opera House

When Tallinn Opera House first opened for the public on 24 August, 1913, it was the largest building in Tallinn at that time. The Jugend-classistic inspired building was originally designed by the two prominent Finnish architects Armas Lindgren and Wivi Lönn.

A Building of Historical Significance
The opera house primarily was set up to facilitate Estonia’s finest opera and ballet acts, however, the building was used as a military hospital only a year after its opening as World War I broke out. When Estonia gained its independence in 1919, the first Estonian Parliament held its first meetings in this ‘Estonia’ theatre. During the independence years, between the two world wars, the Estonian culture and society flourished, and the opera building was further improved by a reconstruction in 1934. Sadly, when World War II broke out, the building was destroyed. It was once again renovated after the war, the Jugend style changed in favour of Neo-classism and Stalin classism.

Throughout the Soviet occupation it was operated by three separate cultural institutions: the Estonian National Opera; the State Concert Institution; and the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra.

Experience Estonian Culture
Today, the opera house offers a wide range of popular shows in opera, ballet, musicals, and children plays. The Estonian National Opera has the capacity of 708 seats, whereas 742 seats are on the main level, 119 on the first balcony, and 166 on the second balcony. Before, between, and after the shows, you can take the opportunity to spoil yourself with food and refreshments sold at the various restaurants, bars and cafés.

Stay at Park Inn by Radisson Central
Park Inn by Radisson Central Tallinn is located in the heart of the city, only 10 minutes’ walk away from Tallinn Opera House and the Old Town. After an unforgettable night at the opera, or a show in the medieval town, you can return to the comfort of your stylish hotel and enjoy top-quality comfort, free wireless internet, and delicious food at Restaurant Kompass.