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Enjoy a Spa in Budapest

Since Roman times, the thermal springs that lie beneath Budapest have been harnessed in spas across the city. These days you will find that the city still has a vibrant bathing culture and that a break at a spa is the perfect antidote for busy city living.

Visit Gellért, Széchenyi and Lukás Baths

The Gellért Bath is the most popular of Budapest’s spas, nestled at the base of Gellért Hill. This spa has breath taking Art-Nouveau styling and is popular with visitors. Inside you will find a tranquil place to relax and can enjoy the wave machine in its recently modernised outdoor pool.

The Széchenyi Bath, located in Budapest’s picturesque City Park, is the largest spa complex in Europe and offers relaxed open air bathing amid Neo-Baroque architecture. The vast outdoor swimming area is for everyone but the complex offers separate steam baths for men and women.

You can also visit the age-old Lukács Bath. This particular spa has been in use since the middle ages when priests provided treatments to the unwell. The spa that currently stands on the spot was built in the 1920s and houses a powerful whirlpool feature and a drinking hall. The water is filled with calcium, magnesium, fluoride and other minerals, which are said to help treat an array of skin and joint illnesses.

See the ‘City of Spas’

The Hungarian capital is often referred to as ‘the city of spas’ as it is the capital with the most spas in the world. Traditionally used for healing and treatments, these baths now are huge attractions. The newest concept taking hold of the city is ‘Sparties’, or spa parties. If you would like to join a sparty, then grab tickets online.

When enjoying the comfort of the Park Inn by Radisson, Budapest, you will find that each of the city’s spas offers a uniquely Hungarian experience. Taking the plunge in any of them promises to help you relax and refresh while allowing you to explore a culturally important aspect of the city.