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Budapest’s Culture

The glittering Budapest skyline is enough to take your breath away. Walk around the streets and let them reveal a dazzling and vibrant city populated with buildings that range from the elegant to the majestic. In Budapest, culture begins with the architecture and within these buildings there are many cultural gems waiting to be discovered. The city is divided into two halves known as Buda and Pest and both sides have their own distinctive characters.

The river-split city

The two different areas represent a different take on Budapest’s culture, from the castle, museums and historic buildings of Buda, to the vibrant and energetic arts scene of Pest. Both sides highlight the city’s culture and are well worth a visit.

Spending some time in each half of the city is a must for any visitor to Budapest. Buda is home to not only the castle but also the National Gallery and Budapest History Museum. In the castle you can attend their own museum filled with artefacts from the Modern Age as well as Gothic sculptures from the castle itself and much more.

Pest houses the Museum of Applied Arts, the Opera House and the Museum of Terror. If you have time in your itinerary, then a night at the opera is certainly a lovely way to explore Hungarian culture. For those looking to understand the city’s darker periods in history, the Museum of Terror is a great starting place.

Fun and festivals

Budapest hosts numerous festivals throughout the year and timing a trip to coincide with one of them is a great way for you to see the city in a different light. From the world-class Budapest Spring Festival in March, to the high-octane excitement of the Hungarian Grand Prix in July, the Hungarian capital has something to offer every cultural palate. With nearby public transport links putting the centre within easy reach, the Park Inn by Radisson, Budapest is a great starting point for any cultural excursion.