Park Inn by Radisson Astana Hotel

8A, Saryarka Avenue/Пр.Сарыарка 8А Saryarka bul. 010000 Astana Kazakhstan +7 (717) 2670000

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Nearby Attractions

Cultural and natural attractions within easy reach of this Astana city centre hotel’s home
Don’t miss the state-of-art “Oceanarium” with a 70-metre shark tunnel and more than 2,400 marine creatures, or the many shops, cinemas and 4D theatres within walking distance of this Astana city centre hotel’s localion. The Museum of Modern Arts is less than 2 kilometres from the hotel and displays impressive collections of contemporary pieces.

Oceanarium in the AiLand entertainment centre - 2.8 km - Even though you're over 3,000 kilometres from the sea, you can still see 2,000 animals representing more than 100 marine species at this oceanarium.
Bayterek Tower - 3.7 km - Its resemblance to a giant lollipop earned this monument the nickname "Chupa Chups"; the tower features city views and golden presidential palm prints.
Astana Opera - 3.9 km - Astana Opera, in its architectural appearance and acoustic opportunities, is one of the best in Europe.
Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 3.9 km - Built to resemble a yurt with a mosque-like dome, the museum contains historical exhibitions including the Golden Man warrior's suit.
Hazret Sultan - 8.1 km - This beautiful mosque has four minarets and multi-coloured geometrical patterns.
Khan Shatyr - 4.5 km - This complex is covered with a transparent tent and is home to a park, a shopping and entertainment area with cobblestone streets, an indoor river, a beach and a monorail.
Atameken Map of Kazakhstan - See a miniature view of the entire country at this outdoor museum.
Palace of Peace and Reconciliation - 8.3 km - This pyramid-shaped building offers art galleries, city views, museums and an opera hall.