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Red Star Line Museum

Red Star Line Museum
This museum is dedicated to the stories of those who passed through its doors and leant wearily upon its walls in the search for the new land. The Red Star Line is the shipping company responsible for helping over two million people emigrate from their native lands to the new promise of America between 1873 and 1934. The walls here are decked with tales of struggle, disappointments and successes of those who took the risk to sail to an unknown land.

A protected monument
The Red Star Line buildings are protected monuments. This museum is one where the walls and ceilings are the most powerful attractions in the museum. These walls once sheltered the millions of hopefuls as they waited to hear if they could travel onto the new world and find fortune. Those praying to be accepted to travel had to undergo medical examinations and these were performed outside. Those who passed had to wait outside regardless of the weather to board the ships; therefore, a new corner building was added to give emigrants shelter. This was the very first part of the museum that was built, which then led to the construction of the rest of the museum as guests can see it today.

Follow their footsteps
The main exhibition here is like a good book. Read it well, and you will understand the complex journeys of millions of people as they left their native lands to embark on an unsure adventure at the shores of Antwerp. These are first-hand accounts coupled with illustrations to share the difficulties of leaving home in search of something better. Perhaps your ancestors were also emigrants. If so, these stories are not unlike what they would have experienced, whether it be physically or emotionally.

Take the time to share in this unique piece of history when staying at the Park Inn by Radisson Antwerp. The museum is a short walk from the city past the MAS Museum and offers a great panoramic view over the city from the tower.