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From ancient architecture to modern marvels

From ancient architecture to modern marvels
Antwerp is a city with a mix of architecture, from the beginning of the middle ages to the modern skyscrapers of today. Still standing in the city are works of the renaissance, gothic, art nouveau, classic and Baroque periods. The architectural wonders in the city will take you back with their curved glass, stone carved facades and intricate interiors. Take in centuries of design as you discover the city.

Designs of the early ages
Up until the 13th century, the forefathers of the city built French style, triangular market places that were popular at the beginning of the middle ages. From this time, the city got its famous Grote Markt. This space is now enclosed with immense buildings towering above demanding your attention. The wonderful Guild Houses have countless glass panes and gold linings that will wow you and the city hall has lavish ornaments and sculptures on its face. Both these buildings were constructed in the true Flemish renaissance style of the 16th century.

Take a step inside the Baroque style Church of St. Charles Borromeo and let your eyes wander across the detail that covers every inch of the walls and ceilings. If this is your favorite period, then you can find more of the Baroque characteristics of light versus dark and the mix of architecture and painting at St. Paul’s Church. Although the exterior is gothic, the interior is fitted and decorated with incredible works of Baroque mastery. See the gothic details of the Cathedral, or the classic Bourla Theater. There are countless buildings to admire in this diverse city.

Today’s modern feats
Don’t forget to explore the modern architectural structures spread across the city. These buildings focus on functional, and the shift in style led to Europe’s first skyscraper the Boerentoren. For a more modern feel, check out the curvy, cozy, futuristic Braem Houses or the zebra-like house of Van Roosmalen. On your journey to find the best the city has to offer, make sure you sleep in style just 500 meters from the center at Park inn by Radisson Antwerp.