Park Inn by Radisson Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Beech Avenue 142-160 Schiphol-Rijk NL - 1119 PR Amsterdam Netherlands +31 (0) 20 700 3800

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Schiphol: Facts and Figures

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a major hub airport connecting the Netherlands and much of Europe with the rest of the world. It is one of the top 15 busiest airports in the world according to passenger traffic (2012). Schiphol sees an incredible 51 million people through its doors and runways each year. The 1st aircraft landed here in 1916, and today, it is the world’s oldest international airport to be still located on the original site. It services 101 airlines, reaching 317 destinations in 104 countries.

Behind the Scenes tour
Have you ever wondered how an airport of this size and capacity operates 24/7? If so, then take a Schiphol Behind the Scenes airport bus tour. Take a backstage look at the airport’s fire station, snow fleet, and airplane hangars, and learn many secrets through this informative multimedia tour. Trips take around 1 hour, leaving you plenty of time to explore the rest of the airport.

More than just an airport
As well as extensive shopping opportunities and dining experiences, there is a lot more to Schiphol than meets the eye. Did you know you can actually get married at the airport? Tie the knot with an aviation-themed wedding, either on a budget or for a larger affair. You can even choose a nostalgic 1930s aviation-themed wedding aboard a Dakota. Whatever the requirements, allow the wedding planner to customize the day, and all the happy couple has to think about is remembering to make their flight for the honeymoon.

Another unexpected way to spend your time at Schiphol is to visit the Rijksmuseum. This is a perfect way to indulge in a little Dutch culture if you don’t have enough time to visit the city. Located behind passport control between Pier E and F is a display of impressive artworks by Dutch masters from the Golden Age. This temporary display of paintings is on loan from the city’s main Rijksmuseum, and the collection is rotated several times a year.

A tranquil oasis
Another surprise this airport has to offer is a tranquil oasis, the Airport Park. The 1st of its kind in the world, the park offers a green space for people to meet, work or relax. It can be found beyond passport control in Lounge 1. Rest on comfortable chairs amid trees and plants, or have a refreshment in the café, all safely indoors. For some fresh air, just step outside and enjoy the sunshine.

For those who are short of time while staying at Park Inn by Radisson Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or have an overnight stay, there is no shortage of entertainment at the airport. It is really easy to fill a few hours while in transit without venturing into Amsterdam. Take the time to see Schiphol Airport for what it really is and enjoy this mini city.