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Cronqvist/Bjørlo/Munch: Head by head

Three artists converge at the Munch Museum
1.0 hours
Image credit : loveguli
Exhibitions and Tours

Three artists converge at the Munch Museum

The "Head by Head" exhibition at the Munch Museum features paintings, drawings and sculptures by the artists Cronqvist, Bjørlo and Edvard Munch. With themes of loneliness and despair, the selected artwork will have you taking a deeper look at the human condition. You will see Munch’s painting “Anxiety,” Bjørlo’s abstract sculptures, Cronqvist’s cast-bronze figures and much more. Don't miss this opportunity to see three great artists under the same roof at the Munch Museum.

Address: Tøyengata, Oslo
Phone: 47 23 49 35 00

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