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Norwegian Food

Think of a typically Norwegian dish and you probably imagine hearty food like game or fish. But Norway's breath-taking wild lands certainly influence the national favourites - with salmon, reindeer and berries representing typical Norwegian specialities - Norwegian food also sports a modern flair.

Aside from the usual fare, Norway also has much to offer in the form of contemporary food, as can be seen in Oslo’s many cutting-edge restaurants. Award-winning restaurants across the city and beyond serve gastric delights fusing the modern and traditional as contemporary Norwegian food makes its mark internationally.

Find the best Norwegian food by booking a stay with Park Inn by Radisson Oslo Airport.

Experimenting with Norwegian food
Visit Norway and prepare yourself for a feast of the senses. From traditional to experimental, there’s a taste of Norway for everyone. Whether it’s a simple Norwegian open-faced sandwich, or the divisive Rakfisk (fermented trout), you fancy, you can find Norwegian food to satisfy your hunger - or your sense of adventure.

Fish of all varieties is a popular Norwegian choice - try some dried and salted cod, known as Lutefisk, or a warming fish soup. The Norwegian take on meatballs is simple yet delicious and reindeer steak is a must try, while the country’s most famous export - smoked salmon - is plentiful.

Taking a Norwegian break
If you simply adore food, then book your accommodation near Oslo - a city brimming with cafes, bars and top-class restaurants, where you can sample all the best Norwegian food and more. Our restaurant in Gardermoen even features some traditional favourites to get you started.

Just a 20-minute ride on the Oslo Airport Express Train from the city centre, book the Park Inn by Radisson Oslo Airport, Gardermoen Hotel to experience tasty Norwegian food - in Oslo and beyond.