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Eidsvoll Norway

Found on the banks of Norway's largest lake, Mjøsa, Eidsvoll lies close to Oslo and has lots to offer visitors of the area. From the historical village of Eidsvoll Verk to the breath-taking Norwegian countryside, Eidsvoll is an enchanting place to visit at any time of year.

Excellent public transport links to the rest of Norway mean Eidsvoll is a top choice as a day trip destination when staying in the big city. The region can be reached easily from our Oslo Airport Hotel, meaning you can see the best of the city and the country with Park Inn.

Explore Norway with a stay at Park Inn by Radisson Oslo Airport, Gardermoen Hotel

Historical Eidsvoll

Visit Eidsvoll - a region of Norway steeped in history. In 1814 many farmers, business people and politicians, aiming to put an end to foreign rule, came together in Eidsvoll Verk village to draft up a new constitution and elect a new king.

It is in the village you can visit Eidsvoll Manor, the historic site of the assembly that changed Norway forever. Inside the stately manor, you will also find The Norwegian Constitutional Museum and can take a guided tour around the famous building.

Eidsoll Verk is a charming little village and the site of the former Eidsvoll Iron Works, which operated between 1624 and 1822. Today, the iron works can be found within the Eidsvoll Museum, an open-air exhibit comprising 26 buildings, and housing many artefacts and archive photographs from Eidsvoll.

Staying in Eidsvoll
Stay at our Gardermoen Airport Hotel and you’ll enjoy some of the best Norwegian culture, history and nature the surrounding area has to offer. You'll find Oslo Airport near Eidsvoll too, so book your stay at Park Inn to ensure a smooth arrival and departure.