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Parks and Gardens worth exploring

If you are looking to spend a few hours outside in the sun and would like a green space to explore, there are many parks and gardens in St. Petersburg. You can find some right by the airport if you aren’t planning to go far for a breath of fresh air and if you venture into the city there are even more to choose from.

Summer Garden

Perhaps one of the most beautiful and definitely the oldest parks, the Summer Garden, at the Summer Palace, is a perfect spot to revitalize and stretch your legs. It is filled with marble statues and fountains from across Europe and Russia and has a number of rare plants and flowers. The grounds are on the river, meaning plenty of fresh crisp air will waft around you as you walk. When here you can check out other sites in the area, such as St. Michael’s Castle and the Field of Mars. If looking for further refreshment, grab a coffee at a nearby restaurant.

Hero Cities Park

Also known as Gorodov-Geroev, Hero Cities Park is just minutes from the airport and has a number of cool monuments tucked inside to see. In the center, you can ponder the three churches, that of St. George, the Nativity of Christ and St. Sergius. Check out the beautiful architecture of the buildings and dwell a little in history. The park was built to memorialize the heroism of Russian soldiers in WWII, hence where it gets its name.

Moscow Victory Park

Another wonderful green space to explore is Moscow Victory Park, which lies between the airport and St. Petersburg. The land stretches over 68 hectares and is decorated with canals, flowers, monuments and ponds. You can take a stroll here along the Avenue of Heroes, kayak the canals and even ice skate in the winter.

There are a great deal of spaces where you can let your mind wander, all providing a different experience. If you need to escape after a busy work day or want to get in a light jog then be sure to check out these great parks. When it is time to relax, head back to Park inn by Radisson Pulkovo Airport St. Petersburg and get a peaceful night’s sleep.